Why Every Property Manager Needs a Dedicated Locksmith Company

Picking an acknowledged, reliable locksmith business is an essential choice for any Property Manager. Locksmith assistance provides a lot in terms of having an ecosystem that is secure and protected for all.

Different Varieties of Locksmith Services

Likewise, if you have enough understanding of how to repair locks, chances that you might not be able to comprehend when you require a completely distinct kind of assistance from your locksmith. This is because locksmiths give different types of services according to the requirements of their customers. Some instances are key cutting, lock preference, distinct ignition keys, trunk opening, restoring lost keys, and multiplying vehicle keys.

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3 Types of Door Locks That Keep Your Home Safe

A home is a place of ultimate safety and security. At all times, we associate “Home” with a sense of belonging. With such connotation, the foremost thing that wants is to protect our homes so that it indeed is a safe abode. Therefore, locks are especially important which has been recommended by Locksmith. It is always advisable to take prudent measures rather than getting yourself in a contrite state.

Types of Door Locks
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Why Automatic Doors Need Regular Maintenance?

Having an automatic door malfunction means a comprehensive disruption of pedestrian traffic in your building, particularly when it is an entrance door. It is vital to solving any problem fast to circumvent the high cost and inconvenience.

Automatic Doors

When technicians show up late or don’t have the obligatory spare parts in their van, then all the people in your building suffer.

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7 Reasons You Should Invest In Steel Doors.

Doors are the foremost way to gain access into and out of buildings; however, they have always been a most important target for anyone trying to get into a building unlawfully. Most doors are made out of wood or PVC but they are moderately easy to attack and breakthrough.

Steel Entry Door

Extremely, doors that open inwards are easy to get through as they can reasonably be forced open by being kicked, charged at, or hit with some sort of battering ram that’s why it is always best to have an outward opening door.

Whenever guests come to your home, the first thing people see when they walk up to your home is the entry gate as they can say a lot about your home and how people perceive it. Steel entry doors are more than just an upgrade to your home’s appearance.

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How smart are Smart Locks?

Nowadays, technology is improving and becoming smarter day by day. We are very much dependent on gadgets like lights, thermostats, smoke alarms, doorbells, etc. Over a decade ago, these gadgets entered our world and now they have become a very huge part of it. In one way or the other, these devices have made our lives more efficient, secure, and easier. Opting for smart locks is a smart move that every individual should take in order to protect their loved ones and their possessions.

In this article, we will try to dig deep and find out the answer to your question: How Smart are Smart Locks?

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5 Ways to Maintain Your Commercial Door Lock

Commercial Door Lock Maintenance

Sometimes, we find things around us so easy and manageable that we didn’t think much about the bigger picture. Have you ever given a thought to the security systems of your locks or how secure your locks actually are?

When it comes to big businesses, they usually have multiple locks on their office building. It is important to maintain the commercial doors of a business building and the best way to do that is by installing smart locks. You should check the locks of your building at least twice a year so that the criminals won’t get any chance to break-in in your absence.

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Can A Locksmith Make A Key From A Lock?

Locks are always useless without keys, but keys are such small objects that we often forget here and there, and then it becomes difficult for us to find them. The only solution that is left in that case is getting a new key made, or you have to break your lock which becomes useless after that. Hence, it is always advised to keep spare keys of your lock as much as you can so that even if you lose one, you have another one already. Getting a spare key made is very easy, you just have to give your original key to the locksmith and he will make a duplicate  one with the help of the impression of the first key. These spare keys can be used to give your family members or any guest in your absence.

Professional keys maker for locks

But the question arises that what if you lose the key and you do not have a spare one, or maybe you have a lock at home but you don’t have its key and want to use it. In such cases, you just need to get the key made without having any kind of spare key. It seems really difficult to get this task done practically, but yes, there are solutions to it, with which you can achieve a key without having any kind of impression to duplicate it. These solutions are the best suited in the situations where you lose all your car keys and don’t have a spare one to use, or maybe you lose the key of your house.

There are two ways in which a locksmith can create the keys without using anything to duplicate and help you out.

Code Cracking

The very first Way for getting a key made directly from the lock is to crack the code of the lock. This can be done by disassembling the lock, and once you do that, you get the idea of the code used to create the lock. This code lies in the length and the order of the pins in the keys which makes them different from one another. Hence, it is very easy to create a key without using the duplicate one at all, all you need to do is, disassemble the lock, and just pull the code of the key out of it and then you are completely good to go. This way of making the key directly from the lock is used by a lot of locksmiths and it is said that this method usually proves to be very successful and you get the accurate key as a result.

Impression helps

Locksmith Services

Another method is also to crack the code but this can be also done very smoothly without disassembling the lock. A locksmith can take the impression from inside the lock which easily gives you the code and design of the pins of the key and then you can use it for creating one. This method is usually used by the locksmiths that are extremely professional, they know how to use the key which is blank to take the impression of inside the lock and then use those impressions to create a new one. This method is no less than using the impression of a spare key to make a duplicate one, so it usually turns out to be very successful. But the challenge in this method is, one has to take the impressions, again and again, to get the exact cuts on the blank key, so that nobody faces any mistake after the making of the final one, as locksmiths MD, are extremely skilled, they can do this job very perfectly.

So now after reading the above two methods, now you know that the key can be made just with the lock. Hence, just don’t worry if you have a lock and can’t find its key, just call the nearby locksmiths and ask him to make a spare key for you today In fact, you just can’t rely on any locksmith for making key from a lock, as it requires professional skills. Thus, don’t forget to do proper research and find the best locksmith in your area. And, this way you can easily ensure safety for your premises also.

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7 Reasons Why You Need To Call a Locksmith

Calling someone, who is trained to work with keys and locks, seems a lucrative affair when it comes to replacing a lock and repairing the broken one. Whether it is maintenance or repair of broken locks, you might need a locksmith. Modern locksmiths understand your needs well and offer you genuine solutions to deal with residential and commercial lock systems. You can easily meet your security needs with the help of a professional locksmith.

24 hr locksmith services

Since the services of a locksmith is not limited to replacement and maintenance of locks and keys only. You will need a professional locksmith for number of reasons. Here are some reasons why you should call a locksmith:

#1. Your Keys Are Lost or Stolen

The first and foremost reason why people need to call a locksmith is that they lost their keys. Not just business or home, a locksmith can help you in the situation when you have lost your car’s keys also. Whether someone has stolen your keys or you just have dropped them somewhere, you should contact a professional locksmith immediately that can help you make new keys.

#2. Shifting to a New House

If you think that you don’t have to worry about security after shifting to a new home, then you are mistaken. You should definitely call a professional locksmith to replace the entire lock system of your new home. Wondering why you should consider replacing the entire lock system of your new house? This is because you never know how many people already have the copies of the keys. In fact, the builder, who sold this house to you, might have the master key. When it is about the security of your home, you should never take the lock system of your new home for granted.

#3. Broken Keys

The regular use and metal fatigue are the main reasons why your keys undergo wear and tear. Whether the keys break off inside the lock or outside it, you don’t have to remove the lock and install a new one. This is exactly where you should call a professional locksmith. He will work on the lock and make new keys. If in case the lock needs to be replaced, the locksmith will immediately come to your rescue. He will serve you with the best possible solutions.

#4. Damaged Locks

Professional Locksmith Services

Door locks are not always long-lasting and even they are prone to wear and tear. When locks wear out, you will start facing trouble with them. The damaged locks fail to work properly and let thieves gain access to your premises. Damaged locks can cause trouble not only for you but also for your home and business premises. This is why you should call a professional locksmith to remove and install new locks to enhance the security system of your home and office.

#5. You Locked Your Keys in the Car

This is not just a silly reason but also the most common one. Sometimes, we are in rush and forget to take the car keys off. The situation might get complicated to deal with when you locked your keys accidentally in the car. However, you don’t have to panic; as the locksmith will help you unlock your car and overcome the trouble quickly.

#6. You Locked Yourself Out

You would need a locksmith when you accidentally locked yourself. Reasons can be many you may go out to catch the newspaper or you rush to check mails and go outside for a walk on your lawn without bringing your keys. Whatever the reason may be, calling a professional locksmith is indeed the right solution.

#7. Upgrading Home Security

If you are planning to install the new security locks inspired by the latest technology, you need to call a locksmith. He will help you choose the best lock out of the numerous options and assist you to enhance the security in your premises. You can explore the best options with the help of a locksmith and pick the right option according to your preferences.

Many situations are out there when you need to call a professional locksmith. No matter what the reason may be, you should always call a professional and dependable 24 hour locksmith. Just look for the best option and opt for a reputed emergency locksmith for immediate help.

6 Types of Door Locks Commonly Used On Residential Properties

Baltimore Locksmith Services

Whether you’re updating your home’s security or moving into a new office building, dealing with your security requirements is a vital task that involves some consideration. One of the most pressing issues for property owners is determining which types of locks are better suited to their needs.

Locks for locking homes and businesses come in a variety of styles, ranging from traditional keyed locks to new keyless alternatives. Let’s get an idea of the most commonly used locking system for residential properties.



Because of the design of padlocks, they are sometimes overlooked when choosing on door lock types. Padlocks have a wide range of applications, and the fact that they are compact makes them attractive to many homeowners. These locks are sometimes used as supplemental add-ons to improve the reliability of an existing safety feature. Padlocks, on the other hand, may be used alone or in combination with other locks to have a variety of security benefits. Despite the fact that padlocks have changed significantly over time, they have retained their value as dependable locks. Padlocks and chains are also useful to protect garage and sliding doors.

Knob Locks

Knob locks are perhaps the most general kind of door lock used on internal doors in homes. Because of their lack of security, knob locks are not suitable for outside use. However, when combined with a deadbolt lock, these locks can be used on exterior doors to have additional protection. A locking system is built into doorknob locks. These door locks have knobs on each side of the handle, depending on whether the door should be locked internally or externally.



Deadbolt locks continue to be one of the most common forms of locks, found in many residential properties around the world, owing to the amount of security protection they provide. There are single-cylinder and double-cylinder deadbolt lock options. Single-cylinder deadbolts are most popular in residential/commercial settings, and double deadbolts are used for additional protection. Deadbolts have more protection against a robbery or break-in. Without the use of a spring, lock bolts are pushed by rotating a knob or key. Deadbolts have a one-of-a-kind locking mechanism that is prone to physical attacks, beating, and boredom. They can’t be opened with any sharp hand tool.

Mortise Lockset

Mortise locksets are most often used in commercial buildings, but they are still standard fixtures in many residences. The majority of homeowners, who have mortise locksets, probably gone to great lengths to buy them or had the lockset mounted already. Old houses often have mortise locksets, and some residents tend to keep these locks rather than letting a locksmith upgrade locks. And there’s nothing unusual with this and there are many advantages of having a mortise lockset. The inclusion of a mortise lock on a property indicates that protection is the primary function of that property.

Euro Cylindrical Locks

These are most widely found in Europe and the United States. This style of lock is ideal for protecting low-profile areas such as patios, decks, swimming pool sections, and other similar areas. Euro cylinder locks are not recommended for outdoor use because they appear to weaken over time. Euro cylinder locks are self-contained systems, making installation much simpler than for most locks. Homeowners feel that a lock is a reasonable choice for their homes, since they have other concerns than security.

Electronic & Smart Lock

Electronic locks and smart locks are now widely used in residential buildings, including both single-family houses and apartment buildings. On a residential home, electronic locks or smart locks are often used where there is an intrinsic need for improved access protection, or simply whether a homeowner wishes to add a lock that seems to be more effective. Electronic and smart locks that use deadbolts, mortise locksets, and even euro cylinders are available. However, owing to their distinct characteristics, these locks must be grouped separately.

Secure your home with “Locksmith on Duty”

Since the world of locks is large and complex, you may have plenty of choices to have a lock for your home, but at the same time, it raises the likelihood of you picking the incorrect door

lock types. However, in order to assist you in selecting the right door lock forms for your residential house, you need professional help from a locksmith.
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5 Ways a Locksmith Can Help You Reinforce Your Front Doors

Since your front door is more often to be the first obstacle a home invader meets, it is critical that you reinforce this main entry point. Reinforcing the door would give you a sense of relief by ensuring a well-secured entrance. Here are a few key methods you can perform to secure the front door, as well as how a Auto locksmith can assist you with any of these.

Locksmith Services

Elevated Door Jamb Reinforcement

A more secure door jamb is a great starting point for front door reinforcement. Once we’ve tackled this, we can pass it on to other approaches to strengthen the entrance security. An upgraded security door jamb kit must contain locking side parts of the door jam, hinge protection, set screws, as well as methods for correctly fastening certain items to the jamb. Since reinforced door jambs are so critical for front door protection, it makes sense to spend in having this work done professionally. Hiring a locksmith will help you avoid picking the incorrect jamb reinforcement device. All of these door jamb reinforcements will shield the door from robbers’ kicking and ramming attempts.

Upgraded & Secure Locking System

Auto locksmith services

Picking the right lock for your front door is crucial to enhance the security. Since they are usually made of a strong metal, deadbolts and latches are a common alternative for front doors reinforcement and made them able to handle the force at a certain degree. If someone attempts to enter into your house, they will most likely use intimidation, crack the lock, or twist the handle to force access. In this case, if your front door locks do not work properly, you can’t be sure about security. This is where a locksmith’s experience comes in handy. As a result, we suggest that you employ a reputable locksmith for lock set up or lock upgrades. Key-less entry devices, like smart locks, are now becoming more common on residential buildings as a result of technological advances.

Modified Locks Mechanism

Because of a potential compromise with your door lock, you could need to reinforce your lock earlier instead of later. Luckily, there are quick and inexpensive solutions available, such as rekeying. When it comes to rekeying, a locksmith can disassemble the lock and repair any of the internal components so the existing keys will no longer function. Even anybody having an existing key copy of your front door and seeking a secret entry, they will be frustrated because the old keys will no longer function. Get in touch with a locksmith to see if this strategy is suitable for your case.

Informative Security Upkeep

Consistent upkeep is an excellent way to reinforce all of the investments in front door reinforcement. You must create a checklist to review the devices you’ve implemented and the protective measures you’ve put in place. Things can collapse into disarray if proper care is not performed. Stuff breaks apart and avoids functioning by nature, but regular checking on all these is an easy way to ensure you still have enough front door reinforcement. To know what kind of upkeep can help with your front door reinforcement, a locksmith will really come in handy.

Efficient Product Selection

There are several types of door protection products available on the market. Out of which, some brands have a strong reputation simply due to their popularity. This can confuse the facts about a security product’s efficacy. A locksmith is suitable for assisting you in determining the best form of front door reinforcement. A locksmith is often called upon to replace or repair broken safety devices. Locksmiths have gained a very realistic understanding of the kinds of pressures that such products can tolerate as a result of coping with the loss of these goods. Locksmiths not only know the credibility of brands from first-hand accounts, but they also engage with individuals in related fields on a regular basis.

Lock your security with “Locksmith on Duty”

However, to properly secure your door, the skills and competence of a professional locksmith are ideally needed. One explanation is that professional locksmiths would first allow entry to the door before beginning work in order to decide the best tools and services for the job. If you need support in Baltimore County, the experts at Locksmith on Duty would gladly assist you.

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