Can A Locksmith Make A Key From A Lock?

Locks are always useless without keys, but keys are such small objects that we often forget here and there, and then it becomes difficult for us to find them. The only solution that is left in that case is getting a new key made, or you have to break your lock which becomes useless after that. Hence, it is always advised to keep spare keys of your lock as much as you can so that even if you lose one, you have another one already. Getting a spare key made is very easy, you just have to give your original key to the locksmith and he will make a duplicate  one with the help of the impression of the first key. These spare keys can be used to give your family members or any guest in your absence.

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But the question arises that what if you lose the key and you do not have a spare one, or maybe you have a lock at home but you don’t have its key and want to use it. In such cases, you just need to get the key made without having any kind of spare key. It seems really difficult to get this task done practically, but yes, there are solutions to it, with which you can achieve a key without having any kind of impression to duplicate it. These solutions are the best suited in the situations where you lose all your car keys and don’t have a spare one to use, or maybe you lose the key of your house.

There are two ways in which a locksmith can create the keys without using anything to duplicate and help you out.

Code Cracking

The very first Way for getting a key made directly from the lock is to crack the code of the lock. This can be done by disassembling the lock, and once you do that, you get the idea of the code used to create the lock. This code lies in the length and the order of the pins in the keys which makes them different from one another. Hence, it is very easy to create a key without using the duplicate one at all, all you need to do is, disassemble the lock, and just pull the code of the key out of it and then you are completely good to go. This way of making the key directly from the lock is used by a lot of locksmiths and it is said that this method usually proves to be very successful and you get the accurate key as a result.

Impression helps

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Another method is also to crack the code but this can be also done very smoothly without disassembling the lock. A locksmith can take the impression from inside the lock which easily gives you the code and design of the pins of the key and then you can use it for creating one. This method is usually used by the locksmiths that are extremely professional, they know how to use the key which is blank to take the impression of inside the lock and then use those impressions to create a new one. This method is no less than using the impression of a spare key to make a duplicate one, so it usually turns out to be very successful. But the challenge in this method is, one has to take the impressions, again and again, to get the exact cuts on the blank key, so that nobody faces any mistake after the making of the final one, as locksmiths MD, are extremely skilled, they can do this job very perfectly.

So now after reading the above two methods, now you know that the key can be made just with the lock. Hence, just don’t worry if you have a lock and can’t find its key, just call the nearby locksmiths and ask him to make a spare key for you today In fact, you just can’t rely on any locksmith for making key from a lock, as it requires professional skills. Thus, don’t forget to do proper research and find the best locksmith in your area. And, this way you can easily ensure safety for your premises also.

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