5 Ways to Maintain Your Commercial Door Lock

Commercial Door Lock Maintenance

Sometimes, we find things around us so easy and manageable that we didn’t think much about the bigger picture. Have you ever given a thought to the security systems of your locks or how secure your locks actually are?

When it comes to big businesses, they usually have multiple locks on their office building. It is important to maintain the commercial doors of a business building and the best way to do that is by installing smart locks. You should check the locks of your building at least twice a year so that the criminals won’t get any chance to break-in in your absence.

This article will basically provide you an overview of how to maintain the commercial doors of your building. Moreover, to get the benefits of the best locksmith services in Baltimore, make your visit to locksmithonduty.com.

  1. Doorframe:
  2. Improving the doorframe game is considered to be one of the easiest ways to maintain commercial doors. The doorjamb having a small metal plate is attached to the door frame. It includes screws of very small size. Having screws that can go deeper into the door frame can really improve the security of your commercial doors.

  3. Video doorbell:
  4. When it comes to the security of commercial doors, our minds first start to think about a video doorbell. It’s one such kind of convenience that everyone wants these days as it vastly upgrades the security of commercial doors.

  5. Security Signage:
  6. Nobody would love to break-in in a building with visible signs of smart locks, alarm systems, etc. The presence of security cameras and alarm systems can really help in securing and maintaining your commercial doors.

  7. Commercial Smart Locks:
  8. Going smart help everywhere and the same can be said for locks. Smart locks are one of the best ways through which one can easily add style and function to commercial doors. The best thing to note about such locks is that they are designed specifically to work with voice assistants, Wi-Fi, or even Bluetooth. Nowadays, smart locks are available in almost all shapes and sizes and that’s the reason why their availability and demand are growing at a rapid rate. It’s all about adding convenience to your life and this entire idea of smart locks comes up with features that include voice control, remote access, and whatnot. You can also set up scenes with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Homekit. It is so easy to control the smart locks of a building, you just have to connect them to Wi-Fi. This way, you can lock and unlock your commercial doors anytime anywhere. You just need an internet connection and you are all set to control your smart locks. Commercial smart locks need not have to be oddly shaped or clunky. Actually, it’s very easy to dissimulate them as regular locks. You should opt for stylish locks as they feature both traditional deadbolt design and keypads. After installing smart locks, you need not have to worry about someone swiping your keys. Smart locks do connect with networks; hence, it is important for you to update all the apps, secure your passwords, and make sure to use a PIN in order to unlock via voice assistants. In an office building, it is important to monitor all the activities. Nowadays, the smart lock designs available in the market are kind of sleek and attractive. These smart locks easily blend in with the natural features of your office building. Some models also come up with the feature that helps you assign special privileges to your maintenance staff, friends, and family. Your office does need some pieces of smart technology and smart locks are one of those pieces. Installing smart locks is a safe and responsible way through which offices can maintain and upgrade their commercial doors. With the help of your smartphone, you can easily check for unlocked doors and the remote controlling apps will allow you to lock the doors from anywhere.

  9. Security Floodlight:
  10. Opting for motion-activated security lights is a great way to secure and maintain the commercial doors of a building. Floodlights bring attention and alert the user and thus enhances the overall protection of commercial doors. Many companies have also come up with the idea of adding an HD camera to security floodlights.

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