3 Types of Door Locks That Keep Your Home Safe

A home is a place of ultimate safety and security. At all times, we associate “Home” with a sense of belonging. With such connotation, the foremost thing that wants is to protect our homes so that it indeed is a safe abode. Therefore, locks are especially important which has been recommended by Locksmith. It is always advisable to take prudent measures rather than getting yourself in a contrite state.

Types of Door Locks

Below mentioned are 3 types of door locks that keep your home safe

A door lock of good quality ensures the best form of security.

  • Padlocks

    With countless different styles, sizes, and applications of padlock available it may surprise you to know that the basic principles of their function and design are all pretty much the same. Although the frames of some sort of padlocks (some disc or combination padlocks, for instance) are made from alternative elements, the bulk of padlocks have a hard metal body. The solid padlock body is by far the hardest part of the padlock and, as a common rule, the larger the body the larger and more substantial the locking mechanism can be. There are innumerable designs of padlocks on the market and many of them can be found on this site. Each of these padlocks has different and attractive characteristics that established it apart from all others in times of design, comfort, and protection.

  •  Latches

    There are single types of latches and complex types of door latches. The simplistic models are usually plastic and are used to operate simple things collectively. An instance of this would be the flexible case on a toolbox. Multiple latches are much larger and permanent. These kinds of latches are often made out of steel or metal. An illustration of a complex latch would be that of a metal door. However there are several latches out there, there are only several kinds that you need to pay attention to. Some varieties of door latches that you may know of are screen door latches, safety door latches, and driving door latches. All of these latches almost work in the same way but they each have a somewhat special-purpose than the other one. They are difficult to cut down and will transmit an alarm sound in maximum cases if someone tries to override them. This is what delivers the electronic door latch a reliable and solid piece of hardware.

  • Deadbolt Locks-

    o be able to open a standard deadbolt lock, you need to use your key to turn the lock when you’re outside the door, or turn the closing latch from inside. An additional advantage of this type of lock is that having the solid part of the lock extend usually one inch or more into your door frame makes the integrity of the door a lot more solid. Anyone who attempts to breakdown the door or kicks it in will have much more of a challenge in contrast to doors using the small standard knob locks.

    Locksmith for Door Locks

A keypad deadbolt lock is a special kind of deadbolt that allows you to open the lock by entering a number code. You can set your code sequence of usually four digits and when you wish to unlock the door you just enter your code.

The benefit of a keyless deadbolt is obviously that you can still open the door if you lose your key, but also that you can set other unique codes to let tradespeople, friends, or relations into the house if you are not at home. Separate codes may be set up for different occasions or needs and later removed from the lock memory. If you have children, a keypad deadbolt lock makes it simple to always keep the doors locked but still makes it easy for family members to unlock the door.

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