How smart are Smart Locks?

Nowadays, technology is improving and becoming smarter day by day. We are very much dependent on gadgets like lights, thermostats, smoke alarms, doorbells, etc. Over a decade ago, these gadgets entered our world and now they have become a very huge part of it. In one way or the other, these devices have made our lives more efficient, secure, and easier. Opting for smart locks is a smart move that every individual should take in order to protect their loved ones and their possessions.

In this article, we will try to dig deep and find out the answer to your question: How Smart are Smart Locks?

You must have seen high-tech locks in Hollywood movies where doors that need ultimate protection can only be open with the help of handprints or iris scans of a particular individual. Well, this technology is not only limited to Hollywood movies but has been around us for a long period. Such kind of locks can only be used to protect certain specific sensitive areas and not everyone can afford these locks.

But, don’t you worry; we have smart locks for protecting our possessions. Smart locks are nothing but deadbolt locks that make use of electronics for their functioning. You can simply unlock them with your phone. Smart locks offer an authentication system that allows you to enter your home. Smart locks are not just about shutting and opening the doors but can also integrate into a smarter and broader home set-up. This can be done by creating scenes and routines using Amazon Alexa and the Google Home app. Suppose, you enter the living area of your home, smart lights turn on in the hall, the thermostat goes up on its own, and music plays; isn’t it amazing. Well, all this can be done by installing smart locks in your home. Many smart locks can be operated remotely so that you can allow your guests, friends, and cleaners to enter your home. A smart lock combined with a smart doorbell is all that you need to ensure the safety of your house. With this combined system, you can have visual confirmation of those who are willing to enter your home. Smart locks send you alerts that help you know whether your kids get home on time or not. You can easily control all the features of your smart lock with the help of its corresponding mobile app. It is not just only through the app that you can control the smart locks. With the help of Amazon Alexa and the Google Home app, you can control your smart locks with your voice.

Another huge benefit of using a smart lock is that you don’t have to deal with a bunch of keys. We believe that physical keys are not that much worth as they bring more trouble than making the whole process of unlocking the doors easier. It happens to most of us, we lose our keys and then struggle to get into the house. With smart locks, you need not have to deal with all such problems. You have easy and controlled access to your home all the time with just the touch of a button on your mobile phone. You can change your entry codes as per your will. Changing entry codes from time to time is actually a great idea as the thieves won’t be able to guess your current password. With smart locks, getting access to your home becomes very difficult for thieves as these locks work on digital codes. The main reason behind the huge popularity of smart locks is their convenience. Suppose, you are enjoying your weekend with your family in a resort and can’t really remember whether you have locked the doors of your home or not. With the help of an internet connection, you can easily activate your locks from anywhere and anytime. Some smart locks also come up with the feature of hands-free entry. These devices pick up the signal from your smartphone and then unlock the doors automatically. Nowadays, you can find smart locks in a variety of ultra-modern designs. So now, you can get a smart lock suiting your decor style.

Now, it’s time for you to evaluate the features and functionality of smart locks and choose the best one for you.

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