I’m moving to a new house, should I change the locks?

Moving to a new house?

Should you change the locks when moving to a new house?

Moving into your new home is an incredible feeling. You’ve invested so much of your time in carefully searching and analyzing the market that is perfect for you and your beloved family. Once you are done with all the research then you finally get prepared to make the final decision of committing to your upcoming lifestyle. Undeniably, it sounds exciting when you are about to receive the keys of your new home, but you need to make sure if there’s no other copies of the keys to your new house, you don’t want to take any risk right?

Each and every detail wrapped up while purchasing a house and shifting can be an overwhelming experience, so it’s no wonder that the thought of re-keying the locks or installing new locks and keys is often less or most probably never considered. Amidst of cleaning, unpacking, and trying to find the stray roll of toilet paper, you may feel getting your mind lost in a sea of Bubble Wrap.

So, let’s get down to see why is it so important to change the locks when you move into a new house.

Consider changing the locks of your house doors be the first thing you check once you move to a new house. You must have invested a good fortune into this property and won’t take a chance for any risk. Once you start moving your furniture, possessions and family into your new property, soon it will get transformed into a place you’ve been dreaming of that is your home. Ensure that no one else have the key to your home locks other than your family members, if safety is your utmost priority?

Don’t risk your house safety by not changing the locks

You might be unaware of where your house keys must be circulating, so it would be similar to taking any risk of assuming that all the sets of the keys have been handed over.

Mind the following points if you are still not convinced with changing the lock and try to give an honest answer for each one of them:-

  • Has every set of the keys have been handed over to you? If you think, yes, are you sure about that?
  • When was the window locks you think were changed last?
  • Have you checked how many occupants have been to your new home before you?
  • Do you know that ever the property was given on rent?
  • Did any third party have ever looked after this house that you own now?

Answering these questions might be daunting but it’s really worthy if you put your all thoughts together.

You must quit the misconception of trusting blindly on a person with whom you just started dealing with. According to the present scenario, one shouldn’t afford to rely on just a good faith alone. There may be times when the previous owner has to provide the keys to the house cleaners, babysitters, dog sitter or neighbor, or possibly there exists multiple copies of keys without even their consent. For once even if we think of trusting the previous owner, will be able to trust the random people you’ve never met?

Will it be a good idea to hire a local locksmith or DIY?

Hiring a professional locksmith would be better option trying it on your own. Don’t be mistaken by considering it just a simple process. Locks are quite inexpensive and can be available immediately from any regular local hardware shops. Depending on how skilled the professionals are, they can be quick to fit the lock without investing the whole day.

As a result of that you get the improved security and peace of mind which is worth the small price tag and the time investment you devoted.