Cars are the things that are on the hit list of the thieves always. Cars become a very easy target for thieves because mostly when parked cars are out of sight from the owner. With time the Automobile industry has evolved to make the cars more and more secure, both for passenger safety and the car’s safety as well. Even though the cars are now mostly insured against theft but no insurance company reimburses the total amount of the vehicle. The insurance company will always estimate your car worth much lower than your car’s price that you had paid when you bought it. Therefore, it becomes important to save your car from theft and forgery. Here are a few tips that can help you safeguard your car against thieves.

Secure Parking


The cars become susceptible to being stolen of parked in a lonely place or out on the streets in the neighborhood. It is always recommended to park your cars in secure gateways or garages. The additional security of gates and shutters will always stop the thieves to barge into your property and then steal the car. Also, try to get the car place covered under some CCTV cameras. In case the car is parked in some mall, always park the cars in the allotted parking spots or where there is a ticket for the car parked. This will make the parking area security responsible for your car’s safety. And thieves will not barge into the parking to steal a car.

Get a Car Alarm


Most of the modern cars that are available in the market come with added alarms, but a few standard models are left out to cut down on the prices. In case you own a car without an alarm, don’t stop yourself from investing in adding an alarm to the car. The alarm will trigger on in case anyone tries to unlock the car by some unauthorized ways. The sound of the alarm will scare the thieves and will also intimate the people around them. This can still make you come to your car before the thieves take your car along and drive it away.

Hide Your Valuable things


It is not always necessary that the thieves are eyeing your car. It can also be the case that the thieves are eyeing the valuables that might be in the car. This can be cash, some jewelry or maybe some important document. To avoid such circumstances, hide your valuables in the glove box or maybe in the seat covers. This will not attract any attention to steal and you will make your car and your valuables safe.



The immobilizer is a component that restricts your car from switching on if improper ways of starting the car are used. The device is used to scan the chip in the key of your car. In case the device is not able to scan the chip in your key it will not send the signal to the ignition of the car for the car to start. If your car has this device installed then the car will only start with an original key. Even starting by shorting the hotwire of the car won’t help if an immobilizer is installed in your car. Most of the cars now have immobilizers installed, but in case your car does not have one, it is a nice choice to invest in.

Use Tracking System


If your phone can have a GPS tracking system to track it when stolen than why your car should shy off from such a safety feature. You can anytime install the GPS to your car to know the car’s whereabouts. The systems have now additional features that alarm you if your car goes out of the specified radius. This can help you get to your car before it is driven off, or maybe alarm the police to get the car back.

Here Locksmith On Duty have listed some ways that will always help you to secure your car against getting stolen. The safety of the car can always be upgraded by adding features like immobilizer, alarm or GPS. In case your car does not have any of the above, make sure to invest in the same. This might help to increase your car’s safety

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