5 Common Problems That Occur in Security Locks

Security Locks

Be it at home or in our offices, locks, doorknobs, handles have always been the prime causes of security lock problems. We operate and use them on an everyday basis constantly and often seem to overlook the small issues that crop up with time. We should remember that all kinds of locks have a lifespan and tend to wear out or break and lead to possible lock-outs. Hence, to resolve such issues and prevent unwanted lock-outs we should get the locks serviced by professional locksmiths.

Some of the common problems

Here, is a list of the common problems that you might face with your security lock:

Types of security locks

1. When it becomes difficult to insert the key

It often happens that you are trying to open a lock and the key refuses to get inside the lock. In this case, the first thing you should check is that, whether you are inserting the right key.

Next, you should ensure that the key is not poorly cut which happens with the keys made by any unprofessional locksmith. In such a situation, only a professional and experienced locksmith can detect if the problem is with the lock or key and help you out accordingly.

Key breaking

2. The key breaks and get stuck inside the lock

This can be a really frustrating situation when you are left clueless as to what to do next to come out of such a situation. In this case, you should follow certain dos and don’ts to ensure that the situation doesn’t get worst.

Firstly, never try to unlock or lock the door further with that broken piece of the key. This increases the chance of you inserting the broken key further into the lock system thus making it almost impossible to retrieve. In such a situation it is always advised to call for an experienced and reliable locksmith service to ensure that the lock is not further damaged. They have the specific tools along with the required skills to remove the broken key without causing any kind of damage to the lock.

Keying issues

3. The key refuses to turn inside the lock

This problem can be as a result of many things. Here, at the most what you can do is, try lubricating the lock and if it doesn’t help it could be that there has been some kind of misalignment of the lock or there could be a problem with the lock cylinder. In the case of both these problems, expert diagnosis and skill is required by professional locksmiths.

Difficult to open lock

4. When the lock becomes stiff and is difficult to open

 At times it happens that dirt and dust accumulate over the time and clogs up the locking mechanism, thus making it difficult to open. Never use any kind of oil-based products for lubricating it can further clog the lock. You should try to apply graphite spray or silicone-based lubricant to make the locking mechanism smooth.

5. When a UPVC door becomes difficult to open or lock

UPVC doors are made of strong, stiff and durable plastic and basically designed so that the doors do not slip or move out of position in different seasons. They have turned out to be an ideal choice for both residential and commercial purposes. Their lock mechanism is a bit tricky and should be fixed only by some professional locksmith.

So, if ever you notice that there is some issue with the locking mechanism of the UPVC door, instead of trying any tricks yourself you should immediately book a service call with any of the reputed locksmith so that the issue is resolved in no time.

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