Top 6 Things to Ensure Before Hiring a Locksmith During Corona Virus Pandemic

Coronavirus or COVID-19 is fast becoming the worst pandemic in human history. With the infection spreading easily to others and rising death toll, many countries have ordered a lockdown. So, only essential services and companies are operating. But, if you are worried about getting locked out from your home or vehicles, never worry as Locksmith on Duty offers you the immediate helping hand to meet your needs. The flexible and trusted Maryland locksmith company can help with your residential and commercial locksmith needs. You can get the extra safety and security for your home as well as vehicles. But, during the period, it is important to remain vigilant to ensure yours and the worker’s safety and security. So, here are some of the top tips you need to consider before hiring a locksmith.

1. Find Trained Specialists

Professional trained specialist

You need to find specialists who are trained efficiently to cope with the pandemic. They need to know the guidelines suggested by the WHO (World Health Organization) in the workplace to avoid infection. A specialist locksmith with the knowledge always cleans and disinfects the equipment at the end of the day to remove any germs or harmful pathogens from spreading on the surface. The specialists also clean their hands before arriving at the customer’s place. So, you need to check if the specialists you have hired follows all the steps. Locksmith on Duty has a trained team who not just helps you in fixing the locks but also keeps the equipment and their hands clean before and after arriving at the property.

2. Have Necessary PPE

Necessary PPE

A Locksmith company must always give utmost importance to the safety of the customers as well as employees. So, always choose a reputed company that offers its employees the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE). In cases of locksmiths, it is disposable shoe/shoe covers, disposable gloves, hand gel, masks, and alcohol spray. Locksmith on Duty equips everyone with the necessary protection accessories and make sure they wear it on the job to prevent any issues.

3. Follow Guidelines After Work

Locksmith with proper guidelines

Check if the locksmiths wipe their tools, the surface they work on, and card machine with antibacterial wipes after completion of the job. The trained locksmiths dispose of the used gloves, shoe cover, and other items in the plastic bag they bring. They must also clean their hands with sanitizer or soap and water. Locksmith on Duty follows all the guidelines after completing the work.

4. Limit Contact

Limit Contact

Social distancing is suggested to prevent the spread of the disease. So, the locksmith arriving at your property must respect the two-meter rule. Reducing unnecessary contact reduces the risk of the spread of the virus.

5. Decrease Hassles Enhance Satisfaction

Satisfactory locksmith services

You need to find a reputed locksmith service offering you satisfactory services without causing any hassles. They need to carry card machines to avoid cash holding. Locksmith on Duty takes all necessary steps to reduce the risk of transmission.

6. Offer 24×7 Services

Locksmiths must offer you 24×7 services irrespective of the size of the job. As it is the essential services, you need to access from the company offering you service as you need it. Sometimes, you need a locksmith on emergency basis and it requires 24/7 availability of such professionals. This is something that makes people content and happy with their services.

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