Tips to prevent misplacing your keys

You’ve kept your keys at a safe place but what is that safe place?

Where have you left your keys last night?

Have you actually lost your keys?

Losing anything is annoying and when it’s about the keys when you are in rush is the worst thing to deal with on the earth. Whilst most of us tend to turn up after searching a bit or tracking back of your last steps, it is undoubtedly maddening and stressful, especially when you’re running out of time!

Tips to prevent misplacing your keys

Losing or misplacing your car keys is one of those times in which no one would ever wish to come. Misplacing the car keys could prevent you from reaching to an important corporate meeting on the expected time, or might cost you losing a client or may be unable to reach in the case of emergency. Sadly, there aren’t any extraordinary measures that can make sure of never letting you misplace or lose your car keys. But if certain precautions are taken care of then it might decrease the risk of the dreaded happenings.

To start with, create a short list to focus on. Think of some useful preventive methods that can actually work without investing much of your efforts and time. Implementing on certain tactics could help you in establishing or organizing common storage spots where you can keep your keys in place and will be easier to find whenever needed.

1. Fix a place for everything

Make it a rule that when you enter your home, you are bound to keep the things on their respective places, whether it’s about your wallet, shoes or keys. But most importantly, take care of the place where you are dropping your keys when you get back to your home so that it won’t trouble at the times when you need to hurry.

Fix a place for everything

Instead of dropping your keys on some random places such as on the table, behind any door, etc., purchase a simple box that is especially made to organize the keys or you can also put them in any bowl on the table or by the door which is just near the entrance door so that you done need to waste any time in searching of your keys

2. Adapt habits of keeping things to where it belongs to

Adapt habits of keeping things at right place

We always tend to pick up things and never keeping them in their same place again and as a result of that, we keep ourselves pushing into troubles when in need. Such situations can easily be avoided if we take care of certain things and make it a habit.

No matter how long the day was for you or how tiresome had been the work load for you, grab your last energy and invest it in keeping things in place. It all depends on you whether you want to save yourself from any unwanted situation.

3. It’s good to be organized in life

Try to keep your home away from mess and if anyhow it occurs, do not waste a single moment to clean up the mess because the less disorder of things present in your home, the fewer “hiding spots” there will be created for all the missing objects.

Home should be well-organized

If a home is well-organized and tidy, it becomes way too easier to spot any required object out of its place. Eradicating the huge piles of papers, unnecessary collections of unwanted items will help in cutting the time that can be wasted to find any missing items.

4. Now when I have lost the keys, how to search it smartly?

Have you lost the keys search it smartly

If somehow, you happen to lost or misplace your car keys or home keys, first relax and plan out how you will search for what you need. Instead of getting anxious, try to go systematically. Begin with the last place you remember using the object. Make it sure to check the places wherever you think you might have left the items (may be your jeans pocket, coat on the coat rack, your handbag etc.) in case you don’t remember putting it to its concerned place, or may be someone else other than you has put it back for you. And still you don’t find it hire an expert Locksmith technician to help secure your assets.

Try reaching out to your lost item by retracing your steps since you last saw that item of yours.