6 Situations Where You Need a 24-Hour Locksmith in Maryland

Almost every aspect of modern life involves keys and locks, so you never know when a 24-hour locksmith will be needed. Here are six distinctly different situations in which your local 24-hour Maryland locksmith is keeping valuable residential and commercial property safe every day and night.

1. “I can’t find my keys. What do I do?”

Lost key replacement is one of the most important duties of any Maryland locksmith. Whether you need auto key replacement or house key replacement, a 24/7 locksmith will be able to:

  • Let you back onto your property without causing any damage to the lock system or the surrounding area.
  • Replace the inner locking mechanisms with new components so that anyone who finds the keys can’t use them (also called “rekeying a lock”).

2. ”My lock was working fine and now all of the sudden it won’t open or close properly.”

Even the nicest locks will experience wear-and-tear over time and eventually break. This is a rather big inconvenience that can leave you unable to get into your home or business. Fortunately, a 24/7 locksmith will be able to get you inside again and perform an on-the-spot lock replacement.

3. ”My key has broken off in the lock!”

Keys, just like locks, get worn down over time and need to be replaced. Removing a key on your own can be difficult and even dangerous with the wrong tools. Broken key extraction is best left to a professional Maryland locksmith who can then perform a key replacement.

If your lock looks like this, then a Maryland locksmith needs to perform a broken key extraction.

4. ”Should I call a Maryland locksmith if I have moved into a new home?”

New homeowners should be extra safe and call a Maryland locksmith to rekey the locks. You never know who might have an old set of keys (previous owners, tenants, or even the old babysitter). You’ll be able to sleep easy knowing that an old set of keys will no longer grant entry into your home, business or vehicle.

5. ”Can a locksmith make my home more secure?”

Yes, absolutely. Whether you need heavy duty locks installed on your doors, windows, garage, or wherever else, virtually every piece of your property can have a lock put on it. A locksmith can also install CCTV cameras and other security devices for maximum protection.

6. ”Should I call a Maryland locksmith if my home has already been broken into?”

If you ever have your home broken into, a locksmith can be of great assistance. They can fix a damaged lock (or do a heavy duty lock replacement) and install advanced security measures to make sure you are never left vulnerable again. You should always change the locks after a break-in in case the burglars found a spare key or figured out how to easily pick the old lock.

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