Is Biometric Lock Technology Really Secure?

Security Technology

When you want your home to be ultimately safe and you are looking for some innovative security solutions, biometric locks can be one of the best options. This advanced piece of security has made its place in the list of today’s best innovative products that can provide you personalized protection.

Biometrics is a method of measuring a person’s physical characteristics for verifying his or her identity. Recording such physical characteristics can act as a unique way of completing a security-authentication. The biometric data once measured and stored is every time compared and matched with the database. It can either be authentication or a recognition method.

In residences, mostly you would come across fingerprint scanners. They are easy to use and quick. They allow only people who are keyed into the system can gain access. On installing biometric devices or locks you will never have to worry about locking your door or losing your keys again.

Biometric data types

There are various biometric data types that you will come across each of which is suitable for a specific industry:

Advanced biometric

  • Fingerprint scanner – This captures the unique pattern of your finger. You will find this technology in most smartphones and some laptops used to unlock a screen. It is also commonly used in digital door locks.
  • Iris recognition – This identifies the unique pattern of a person’s iris. It is widely used in security applications. This technology is also seen to be used in certain door locks or security doorbells.
  • Face recognition – This measures the distinctive patterns of a person’s face by analyzing the facial contours. It is mostly used in security and law enforcement but recently it has been found to be used to unlock smartphones and laptops. You will also find it in today’s digital locks.
  • Voice recognition – This measures the sound waves of your voice when you speak on a device. It finds its application while you instruct a smart speaker like Amazon’s Alexa, Google Echo, etc. or is used by your bank to verify your identity when you call to know some account details. You will also come across this technology in certain home automation and security devices.
  • Palm print scanner – This measures and records the thickness, length, width and surface area of a person’s hand. This device is typically used in security applications.

Advantages of using biometric lock technology

Lock technology

While an unauthorized person can steal your lock key, your biometric data is something unique that is not easy to steal. Biometric locks are perfect for securing your doors from all those who are not authorized to use. A keyless door lock is a lot hassle-free and easy to operate. In the case of a fingerprint biometric door lock, if the print doesn’t match with the data stored in the system you will be refused entry. So, undoubtedly, this type of system is a lot more secure than an old lock and key combination lock.

In some cases, there are also temporary authorizations that prove to be a very useful benefit of biometric locks. At times, a person is given fingerprint authorization on a temporary basis. Many biometric lock systems are also integrated with smartphone apps. If the fingerprint doesn’t work, then the app can work as an alternate option and authorize entry. Some advanced biometric locks are highly accurate and come with additional safety features like an emergency keypad.

Security lock

Also if you want to ensure that your valuables are secured you should go for biometric safes. These safes allow only people with the approved fingerprints to access your property, thus providing excellent security.

How secure are biometric locks?

It has been seen that biometric locks are probably the most secure safety device as you are required to be physically present to unlock the door. The biometric scanner needs to validate your fingerprint, your facial contours or your retina so you should be present there in front of the door for opening it. Since you have to be physically present in order to open the door, this can completely assure that no one else can get into your home without your knowledge.

Fingureprint locks

Hence, we can deduce that installation of biometric locks an ideal way to keep our home and family safe. It is probably one of the best available options you will come across today.