How to Get into Your Locked Car Without an Auto Locksmith (3 Ways)

Knowing how to get into your locked car now can save you from having to call an auto locksmith later. These are just some examples of how to get into your locked car, most of which involve common household objects. Hopefully, these tips can keep you from having to call an auto locksmith in Maryland.

How to Get into Your Locked Car with a Shoestring

NOTE: This method works on older cars with a lock that pops up.

Tie a shoestring so that there is a slipknot in the middle. If the window is rolled up, place the string at the top corner of the door and move the string back and forth in a sawing motion to get past the glass. Hook the lock through the slipknot and pull up to disengage the lock.

How to Get into Your Car with a Coat Hanger

Straighten out the hanger and bend the hook into a “V” shape. If the window is closed, you need to pry the window open by inserting the hanger past the black weather stripping (you can pull the weather stripping back with your fingers first). Now wrap the hook around the internal locking mechanism and pull open.

Since you are fiddling with the internal locking mechanism itself and not the actual lock, this trick works for horizontal and vertical car locks alike. However, you can easily bust out your window doing this, and this trick will ruin the weather stripping over time, so use it sparingly and be careful!

How to Get into Your Car with a Rod & Screwdriver

Using a Phillips head screwdriver and a steel rod, you can get into a locked car. This time you go in through the door instead of the window. The screwdriver pries the door slightly ajar, and the rod can be snaked in to push the unlock button.

However, this method probably is the riskiest of them all, and can cause exterior and interior damage if done frequently or improperly.

The Easiest Way to Get into Your Car is a Maryland Locksmith

You can try these methods on your own and risk damage to your personal vehicle, or you can call a Maryland locksmith. An auto locksmith will be able to quickly gain access to your vehicle without risking your window, door or locking components.

Trying to unlock your car door the wrong way can be costly, so we recommend you call Locksmith On Duty – Maryland’s most trusted car locksmith – at 410-870-7170 today.