Few DIY Door Repair Tips Easy to Try at Home

Those who have been experiencing door issues for long; they can try some tips given here. Check them out below:

  • Doors may require new hinges:

Door requiring new hinges

Sometimes, replacing the hinges can be the solution. There are so many options available and you should try to go for the best. You can take the door off its frame and remove the hinges. You can find new hinges in home improvement store. You must take the old or removed hinges along with you, so that you can get the right ones by making right comparison. You should put the new ones the same way you take the old ones off or remove them.

  • Doors may not latch like they used to:

Yes, sometimes you may find such issues like a door that does not latch. What to do in this situation?  If you have to pull up/down on door to close it, then there is some issue. You should know about using a rotator tool that is made for cutting metal. You can use it to widen the strike plate hole.  You can shave down the plate hole until opening is the suitable size, but do it safely.

  • Is deadbolt hard to turn or stuck?


Sometimes you may find deadbolt hard to turn or stuck. It may be problematic, but it can be fixed with professional repair services.  It just requires little lubrication. You can use Teflon lube spray for lubrication purpose. You can spray the keyhole with it and insert and turn your key. It helps spray the lubrication around.  It works in so many cases, but you can try more options if it does not work.

  • A dented door:

Dented Doors

If you have a steel door with dent, then it is simple to repair. You just need original paint color in order to make the process easier.  This is simple process. First of all, you need to remove paint around dent using sandpaper.  You can use a wide putty knife or auto body filler to fill this dent. You can sand down the filler if it is dry and paint over it.

  • Is it about the door that swings open?

This door issue can be fixed by bending the hinge pin. You need to put a wood shim in between the frame and door. It prevents the door or hinge from moving. You can drive out the upper pin by using a nail and bend hinge a little by using a hammer.

  • Door with loose handle:

Door with loose handle

Well, it is too simple to tighten it. You can use screwdriver to tighten the loose handle and its exposed screws.  If there are no exposed screws and door is older, then you can locate button on door knob side and push it in using screwdriver and pull the knob off. Now, press the release notch using screwdriver.

  • Is it about door that stick?

Door that sticks

You just require adjusting size of door relative to entryway. It just requires cleaning the hinges and then tighten them using screwdriver.

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