5 Effective ways to ensure your Front Door are Secure

Today the security is a concern of almost every person. Therefore, nobody wants to take any risk by choosing an option that risks the security of their loved ones. Making sure your front door is secure is something that every resident wishes to ensure. Using various available sources in the best possible way is a great way towards a safe future with less exposure to the outside risks.

Searching a front door that offers good security along with enhancing the aesthetic appeal can be a task. Therefore, we have got some amazing and effective ways in which you can make sure your front door of a home is efficiently secure. Go through the following points and try to implement them. After all, it is all about being safe especially in our own residence.

1. Choosing a heavy-duty deadbolt.

Heavy-duty deadbolt

We all are aware that a deadbolt is amongst those high-value security systems that are available at a low-cost. You can even find varieties that include single-cylinder deadbolts that are keyed on one side and also double-cylinder deadbolts that are keyed on both sides. Whichever you prefer amongst these just make sure that they consist of a grade 1 security rating.

2. Adding a strike box.

Strike box

A strike box helps to toughen the entry and prevents intruders. This happens through the replacement of existing strike plates having a structure consisting of meta pocket, plates (over-sized) and a strong connection with the wall behind the doorjamb having a screw of 3-inch. For accommodating this addition, enlargement of both the hole in the jamb along with the cover plate recess is required.

3. Including a reinforcer plate.

Reinforcer plate

You can add three-sided metal reinforcement plates to provide an additional layer of security. This leads to encasing a door all around its deadbolt or the handset. It is important to measure the thickness for selecting the correct size for your door. Besides, you also need to check the distance between the edges and the center of the deadbolt or the handle. Through a reinforcement plate, you will notice a bit extended door edge. In such a case, you will be required to deepen the hinge mortises which are on the other side of the door. This is to prevent any sort of sticking or catching.

4. Re-key lock.

Re-key lock.

In case you aren’t the first one to reside in your present abode, opting for a re-keying of the entry doors is a crucial security step that many people skip doing. You can easily find a re-keying kit that matches most lock brands at a hardware store or even at home-improvement centers. Make sure you work on the entrance as well as dead-bolt locks. Taking that extra precaution can save you one day from any major hazards.

5. Installation of a wide-angle peephole.

Installation of a wide-angle peephole

A wide-angle peephole provides a larger screening of any unexpected visitor. It is an easy-to-install safety accessory that is well designed in a manner to fit a door having up to 2-inch thickness. Technology advancement can help in saving lives from many unexpected situations. Installation of such an effective safety accessory is one of those smart steps to keep your loved ones safe.

Here are 5 most important and effective ways to ensure your front door is secure. Make sure you use these and help your family feel safer at home. It is always better to invest in something that can save your lives from any unforeseen danger. By using the above smart ways, you can make sure that you are meeting the safety requirements.

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